Healthcare is sick. We’re curing it.

Nano Cures will change the game of curing by targeting the root cause of disease – instead of treating sickness when it happens; reducing the cost and time required to introduce new cures; and aligning the nations of the world behind its mission.

The Nano Cures Ecosystem

A new ecosystem of technology- and data-driven platforms that together will transform the world of health and wellness for the planet.

Cures Platform

Each cure class will target a specific genomic and molecular pathway that is known to be the cause of one or more diseases, and will yield multiple therapeutics that operate on that pathway.

Data/AI Platform

A collection of biometric, genomic, molecular and environmental data, applying AI/ML to uncover threat scenarios that detect diseases far earlier in their progression and to guide the development of new cures.

Developer Platform

Democratizing cure development by providing resources, data and tools to institutions and individual developers to lower the barriers to entry and spur new cure innovation.